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Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic

The Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic

The Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic will open September 19th. The Clinic marks the culmination of BIC's leadership in the domestic workers rights movement Massachusetts.  The Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic allows BIC to combine its organizing efforts with actual legal representation for domestic workers.  All domestic workers are welcome to come learn about their rights and become members of the organizing movement.

Domestic Worker Monthly Meetings:
Every THIRD  MONDAY of the Month at Brazilian Immigrant Center at 7:00pm.
 In addition we host regular workshops at the center about domestic worker rights to minimum wage, overtime and workers' compensation. Please call ahead and we also arrange to come to your home, your church or a local meeting spot.

Please contact our organizer Marcia dos Reis at marcia@braziliancenter.org, 617 783 8001 ext. 109
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Domestic Worker Legal Clinic The Domestic Worker Legal Clinic will open September 19th. This clinic will help resolve legal issues between domestic workers and their employers.  In addition, the clinic will help draft work contracts and review contracts for domestic workers.
If you are a domestic worker and you have questions about whether you are being paid correctly, have been injured on the job, have been fired without pay or fired due to pregancy, race, religion, sexual orientation please contact attorney Lydia Edwards at 617 783 8001 ext 113 or legal@braziliancenter.org.  

Massachusetts Coaltion for Domestic Workers BIC is a leading organization in this coalition. Together with several worker centers and domestic worker organizations BIC helps organize and coordinate domestic worker events all intended to bring awareness to the situation of domestic workers and to come to fight for a Doemstic Workers Bill of Rights for Massachusetts.  The Coalition meets at 33 Harrison Ave, Boston MA.    Visit us here at our link   http://massdomesticworkers.org/

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