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Executive Director

Executive Director

Natalícia Tracy, Executive Director

Natalicia Tracy has been the Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Boston, Massachusetts since spring 2010. Under her leadership, the 17-year old organization has renewed itself and has extended its traditional mission as a workers’ center to encompass a major new domestic worker organizing initiative, with the goal of winning a new Domestic Worker Bill of Rights for Massachusetts. She is also a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at Boston University, studying “Immigration Policy and Mixed-Status Families: A Comparative Study of Brazilian Immigrants in the Metropolitan Areas of Boston, Massachusetts, and Lisbon, Portugal.” Earlier, she earned a bachelors degree in Social Psychology and a Master’s degree in Applied Sociology, both at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her Master’s research also concerned immigration, and was entitled, “Brazilian Immigrants in the U.S.: Pathways and Barriers to Assimilation.” Since her undergraduate studies, she has been interested in issues of immigration, transnationalism, education, and race, including related policy questions. She has also worked on public policy and evaluation research projects at the Harvard School of Public Health, the Brown University Department of Education, and the School of Social Work at Boston University. She has taught many university level courses, including Life Span Development; Non-Western Cultures, focusing on Africa and China; and Sociological Research Methods. For three years she has been a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where she regularly teaches Race & Ethnic Relations.
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