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Diversity and Solidarity Statement    July 08, 2011

Diversity and Solidarity Statement nbsp nbspJuly 08 2011
Brazilian Immigrant Center: Reflection on the past year and a look toward the future


This past year has been one of incredible growth and success for BIC. The Center is stronger than it has ever been, and continues to be the worker center of the Brazilian Community.

The Center has continued to be a lead organization and most recently has demonstrated its leadership through organizing and collaborating with various organizations in the campaign for a domestic workers bill of rights. In recognition of its leadership, the National Domestic Workers Alliance has granted the BIC resources allowing the Center to hire an already established community leader, Marcia dos Reis, to head up domestic worker organizing in the state.  Under support of the Berkeley Law Foundation, attorney Lydia Edwards will also open a new Domestic Worker Legal Clinic at BIC beginning in September 2011.

Of course, in looking towards the future we cannot forget the very essence and mission of the Center,  that is to unite Brazilian immigrants to organize against economic, social and political marginalization, and to help create a just society. True growth can never occur without some struggles. The Center remains thankful for the opportunities it has had to grow and learn from challenges both good and bad.  The Center’s survival through difficult times has helped clarify how vital it is to the community. The Center has continued to excel because the community has demanded that. Moreover BIC’s successful transition in executive and board leadership over the past year shows its resilience and ability to respond to serious challenges. Indeed, the transition demonstrates that BIC continues to be a crucible for the development of new leaders within the community.  Most importantly it shows that the Center has survived and continues to thrive.

The Center's mission from its beginning has been to organize the Brazilian community to fight for economic and social justice.  That mission applies, and the Center’s doors are always open in welcome, to all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnic group, gender, religious background, political views, or language.  We also stand by our members that have disabilities, and we embrace individuals from all political, religious and spiritual backgrounds.  Anyone who offers negative or bigoted remarks about anyone in the Brazilian community or about the array of diversity in our community or the larger society cannot and will never speak on behalf of the Center.

Likewise anyone who speaks against our allies in the struggle for economic and social justice cannot and will never speak on behalf of the Center. Divisions in the community serve no one's interest, and BIC seeks positive collaborations with allies in our broader struggle for social justice for immigrant workers.  As Executive Director Natalicia Tracy has stated, “BIC continues to grow and redefine ourselves, and we'd like to thank all leaders, volunteers and allies that have been with us for the past 16 years. For all those that have just joined our efforts, or who will do so in the future, we want to say:  "Welcome! Let's get started! Injustice doesn't wait for anyone and we cannot either!"

Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Staff of the Brazilian Immigrant Center
 July 08, 2011

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