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The Domestic Worker/Employer Mediation Project

Mediation Services

Are you a domestic worker or an employer of a domestic worker? Are you experiencing conflict in the workplace? If so, we may be able to help!

The Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic of the Brazilian Immigrant Center is proud to offer a unique program of mediation and workplace dispute resolution for domestic workers (nannies, house cleaners and personal care attendants) and their employers.  Our Domestic Worker/Employer Mediation Project, the only one of its kind in the country, seeks to give domestic workers and their employers an opportunity to come together to resolve their conflicts in a collaborative and mutually satisfying way.

All of the mediators in the program are either domestic workers or employers of domestic workers.  As such, they understand that the relationship between a nanny or personal care attendant and their client is like no other workplace relationship. It requires a strong emotional connection, professionalism, and decisions about wages, hours, and contracts.  In addition, house cleaners and their employers or schedule owners often have a personal relationship that requires an immense amount of trust. For these reasons, conflicts that arise may be filled with the emotions and tensions surrounding these relationships.

Mediation provides an outlet for a healthy conversation and the resolution of all issues without having to go to court. The entire process is confidential and much cheaper than hiring a lawyer. If you are a domestic worker or an employer of a domestic worker and you need help resolving a workplace dispute, we are here to help. We can help with issues around scheduling, communication, pay, benefits, and contracts; no issue is too small.

We will provide the mediators  and a location, as well as free babysitting and translation services.  You just need to come to the table with good faith and a willingness to work things out!

For more information on our mediation services or to sign up for a mediation,
contact Sarah Chapple-Sokol, Mediation Coordinator, at (617) 783 8001 x107 or at

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