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The CT Office is Hiring an Associate Director

Brazilian Worker Center is seeking an Associate Director  for the Bridgeport Office.

Brazilian Worker Center is seeking an Associate Director to act as the Chief Operating Officer for the Bridgeport Office.

The Brazilian Worker Center is a non-profit community organization established in 1995 to unite Brazilian immigrants to organize against economic, social and political marginalization, through advocacy, organizing and education. The Bridgeport Office was opened in 2012 with the intention to expand our mission to reach a large number of marginalized immigrant workers in Connecticut.

Reporting to Executive Director, the Associate Director is responsible for the ongoing implementation of the mission and vision of the Brazilian Worker Center in Connecticut, initially under the guidance of the Boston Executive Director of the organization. She/he is responsible for working with the Board of Directors to develop and implement organizational direction and policies and is responsible for the effective everyday management of the programmatic, personnel and fiscal operations of the Center’s Connecticut office and operations.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. I) Leadership and Organizational Development
  2. a) Facilitate the development and accomplishment of the Connecticut Center’s goals, and supervise all programmatic activities related to accomplishing these goals.
b) Manage the process for establishing and implementing annual organizational goals and milestones. c) Manage the process for assessing the effectiveness of the Connecticut Center’s programs and activities.
  3. d) Build working relationships and collaborate with immigration and labor attorneys, U.S. Department of Labor, State Attorney General, and federal and local labor agencies to advocate and defend the rights of immigrant workers.
e) Serve as a public relations spokesperson and contact for the Connecticut Center.
  4. f) Keep up-to-date on issues and trends and assure staff’s access and use of current research.
g) Provide leadership in positioning the Brazilian Worker Center as a leading immigrant/labor rights (especially domestic workers) advocate and organizer.
h) Build and lead broad coalitions that bring together other immigrant rights advocates, labor, faith, government, and community leaders to work together to impact policies and practices in order to ensure and advance immigrant and working-class people’s rights.
i) Offer workshops and training on immigration and labor rights and responsibilities for Brazilian immigrant workers and Latinos, and others; and (j) Assure that BWC services build support for our organizing mission.

2) Board Relations:

  1. a) Develop a strong working relationship and partnership with the Chair of the Board, the Board and the Board’s committees; gain the Board members’ trust and confidence in order to make effective use of their talents; regularly inform them on the status of the Center’s work progress;
b) Assist in the ongoing effort to recruit new Board members whose talents, commitment and contacts are complementary with the needs and mission of the Center.
  2. c) Assist in orientation and training of new Board members;
d) Working with the Board, lead the strategic planning process when required;
e) Provide appropriate programmatic and fiscal reports, and recommendations regarding work progress to the Board.

3) Fiscal and Personnel Management

  1. a) Develop annual organizational and program budgets and reports;
b) Supervise and monitor the use of the Center’s funds;
c) Manage all personnel activities including: Recruitment, hiring, supervision, evaluation and making employment decisions in accordance with the Center’s personnel policies;
and,d) Work diligently to ensure professional development opportunities and growth for each member of the staff.

4) Fund-Raising

  1. a) Develop and execute a multifaceted fundraising plan that ensures adequate resources are available for the Center to carry out its work, while seeking board input and approval;
b) Analyze and develop strategies for new funding sources;
c) Maintain relationships with existing funders, developing effective communication strategies that support and nurture ongoing relationships; d) Participate in fund raising and development efforts.

5) Management Responsibilities

  1. a) Oversee all aspects of the Brazilian Worker Center’s programming, including program planning, implementation and, evaluation;
b) Ensure that departmental activities and programs are consistent with and supportive of the overall organizational mission and strategic plan.
  2. c) Build a cohesive and collaborative team and strategic direction for the Center;
d) Provide leadership, direction and guidance in the development of the organizational management structure as well as facilitating cross-departmental coordination and collaboration.

6) General Responsibilities

  1. a) Maintain current knowledge of the Brazilian Worker Center’s mission, vision, programs and services, effectively communicating these to various constituencies;
b) Promote a coordinated system of services for the workers seeking help from the Center;
c) Administer the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors;
  2. d) Complete in a timely fashion all other tasks and individually established goals as assigned by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors;
e) Recruit and supervise volunteers.

7) Additional Qualifications:

  1. a) Must be able to legally work in the U.S.;
b) Must be able to speak Portuguese and English fluently;
c) Willingness and ability to travel, with a valid U.S. driver’s license;
d) Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university;
e) A minimum of 4 years of effective management experience preferably in non-profit sector; f) Related experience in Public Policy and Advocacy, Education, and/or Training and Evaluation preferred;
g) Extensive experience and excellent skills in non-profit management, program development, coalition- building and resource development;
h) Proven track record of fund raising success;
i) Passionate commitment to and a comprehensive knowledge of immigration and workplace rights;
j) Strong communication skills, including proven technical writing skills;
k) Demonstrated judgment, flexibility and leadership ability, including negotiation, problem solving, decision making and delegation;
l) Supervisory experience, particularly in forming and fostering a collaborative leadership team;
m) Experience working with diverse multidisciplinary groups;
n) Excellent presentation, organizational and collaboration skills; and, o) Experience with media and communication outlets.

We seek an organizational leader who is deeply committed to issues regarding immigrant and labor rights, has a strong sense of compassion and desire to help community members who have marginalized and excluded; has good networks that can be brought to the organization, has strong management and leadership experience, and can be comfortable working with a wide variety of constituents. We encourage applications from workers who are affiliated with the Brazilian Worker Center.

This job description is subject to modification and change at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Salary and benefits are negotiable based on years of experience and level of education.

How to Apply: Please email your cover letter and resume to: Natalicia Tracy at -


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