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Community Organizer

Lara Da Costa

LARA DA COSTA has been a Community Organizer for the Brazilian Worker Center (BWC) of Bridgeport, Connecticut since February 2017. One of the largest Brazilian serving NGOs in the United States, BWC is a workers’ rights center with a central mission to protect and advance the rights of immigrant workers in the New England region. The BWC is a community member of Boston Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Lara has been attending seminars and has received trainings in organizing and leadership through WILD, UALE, and the Intervalley Project. She has been working to expand the Connecticut network of local organizations that fight to protect immigrants’ rights.

Lara currently is earning a certificate in Non-Profit Management to improve her contributions to the community and the BWC.   She is also part of an initiative in her local church that does outreach to the community, and advocates for those suffering injustice.  She strives to educate others about workers’ rights, and how honoring them serves workers, their families and their communities.

Long civically active in her local community – either serving as a interpreter, advocating for those in need, or reaching out to other organizations – Lara has always sought to offer her community the help and involvement she has seen that it needs.

updated: 3 years ago