Brazilian Worker Center

Fighting for Social and Economic Justice

Research & Policy

POLICY AND RESEARCH. We engage in research with the goal systematically to learn about social conditions that impact our community and to take those findings and convert them into advocacy and support for policy work, legislative education, trainings for community members, publications, and other types of social interventions. Partnering with UMass Boston, Boston University, Harvard University, Tufts University, Northeastern University's Law School and NuLawLab, the Dana Farber Cancer Center’s NIH-funded U-54 Project with UMass Boston, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and SEIU-32bj, BWC is or recently has been a community partner in a variety of research projects, where we carry out surveys and focus groups related to domestic work conditions and immigrant health. The Center itself, in partnership with UMass Boston, has also received two of its own research grants from the Sociological Initiatives Foundation in order to complete surveys of working conditions of domestic workers in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Research findings from all these studies have played a role in policy development, creation of safety and health training materials, publications on important issues facing our community, and have been reported to legislative committees on labor in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

updated: 3 years ago