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BWC's Long-Standing Alliance with OSHA

Brazilian Worker Center Alliance with OSHA Region 1

The BWC has had a long and productive collaboration with the OSHA Region 1 office, whose dedicated staff have been instrumental and supportive in our work to improve workplace safety and health for immigrant workers. Regional staff have regularly accompanied us to many community health fairs and other related events, in outreach efforts to inform the community of safety and health standards. The BWCs first protocol of collaboration with Region 1 OSHA began in April 2006 as part of OSHA’s ALLIANCE program, in conjunction with our COBWEB Project lasting from 2003-2008. Our Alliance for collaboration in training and research initiatives was reaffirmed in April 2008, in September 2011, in September 2013, and again in 2016.

Apart from our extensive safety and health trainings, one of our more interesting collaborative projects has been the production of a professional quality 10-minute Portuguese-language video made using 35 Brazilian community actors that focuses on common safety hazards in residential construction, restaurant work, and office cleaning. The video is designed to sensitize workers to OSHA safety and health rules in these common areas of work for Brazilian immigrants, and to understand standard OSHA complaint procedures (to view the video, go to:‚Äč).

updated: 3 years ago