Brazilian Worker Center

Fighting for Social and Economic Justice

Covid-19 Response

What we Do Beyond Food  

We basically distribute food in a warm, compassionate, and respectful way to immigrant families who have become un- or underemployed by Pandemic-related business shutdowns, and who generally are not eligible for the typical federal governmental and sometimes state benefits – such as unemployment insurance, forms of public assistance, or stimulus payments. We do help educate our visitors by including in food baskets essential information on matters such as Covid-19 protection, how to apply for Unemployment benefits for those who are eligible, and the importance of responding to the US Census. We also are available for conversations with anyone needing them, when we listen and try to problem solve with visitors about other emergencies they have (beyond food) concerning need for funds to pay for rent, prescription medications, and utility bills. If these are pressing, we have other programs we refer them to where small to modest cash assistance grants are often available. We also continue with our regular central programs, especially in the area of offering Know Your Rights trainings, and logistical support, to workers who have experienced labor law violations.

updated: 12 months ago