Brazilian Worker Center

Fighting for Social and Economic Justice

Covid-19 Response

Funding Need:  Funds to buy food for distribution at our weekly food pantry,  now in its 9th month

  Our main need is for funds to purchase foods for distribution, most of it at sharply discounted or wholesale prices.  We spend around $6000 a week on food to distribute.  Our recruitment and support of a volunteer infrastructure, of course, requires considerable staff time for almost our entire paid workforce, but we have been mostly absorbing these costs since the Pandemic’s beginning by tapping into our own operating funds to pay staff, with the support of our long-term foundation funders of our operations, and with extensive volunteer labor – up to 25 regular volunteers per week.  

In this grant, we plan to almost all funds you allocate to us for purchase of food items, and NONE for any administrative overhead. We will allocate a small amount of funds to prepare an attractive brochure, in multiple languages, explaining racial disparities – for distribution to food pantry visitors.  

For purposes of this grant, we are asking for funds to purchase food, as the need is unrelenting, and we spend more than $20,000.00 each month on that.  We have had to raise all that funding through new philanthropic sources, many of them linked to the city of Boston’s Resiliency Fund.   The community has kept us a constant, urgent pressure on us to help them with food resources. There is genuine food insecurity evident among them, and the level of need has not diminished since the Spring beginnings of the Pandemic in Boston.

Any funds you allocate to us will be used to buy food to feed hungry people who do not have money to feed their families.      

Planned allocation of grant funds  

We are requesting $20,000.00, which will cover most of the food we will buy for one month of distribution.   We will also use the funds to prepare a special publication, in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, for distributing at our food pantry, that tries to explain in simple terms why racial disparities are evident in COVID-19 infection rates and in unemployment patterns.   Our main suppliers are Fairfoods, Inc., which works with the City of Boston Office of Food Access, and local Allston-based small ethnic grocery businesses.

If we receive funds from you, we will use it to pay for four weeks of our typical weekly load of: produce (up to 2000 lbs.), and for large quantities of rice (1000 lbs.), beans (1000 lbs.), pasta (500 packages); tomato sauce (500 jars); cooking oil (500 bottles); and powdered milk (250 boxes).

updated: 12 months ago