Brazilian Worker Center

Fighting for Social and Economic Justice

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Brazilian Worker Center, Inc.
14 Harvard Avenue, 2nd Floor, Allston, MA 02134
General Questions: 617 783 8001 ext 101 - Fax 617 562 1404
Email: -
Natalicia Tracy, Ph.D.
Executive Director 617-783-8001 Ext 107

Lenita R. Reason
Safety and Health Project Coordinator
& Workers' Rights Council Coordinator: 617 850 5346 or 617 783 8001 Ext 102

Danielle Villela
Workers' Rights Project Coordinator
Wage Theft and Small claims Court 617 783 8001 ext 104
Leize Braga
Front Desk Receptionist & Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights Education - Volunteer
Renata Santo
Immigrant Defense Project Coordinator
DACA and Immigration issues
Poliana Galper
English for Speakers of Other Languages Outreach - 617 783 8001 ext 101

Luci Morris
Front Desk Receptionist Support
& Community Organizer

Soli Nassiri
Volunteer Immigration, Family Attorney

Priscilla Schroder
Domestic Worker Campaign Organizer / Community Organizer
1067 Park Avenue Bridegeport, 06604 Connecticut Phone: 203-612-4367

Lara da Costa
Community Organizer/Community Services
1067 Park Avenue Bridegeport, 06604 Connecticut Phone: 203-612-4367

Rosario Swaidain
Deputy Director, Hyannis MA - Phone: 774-470-2667
Fax: 774-470-2713

Jennifer Moore

General Information:

Note: The Brazilian Worker Center is located in the United of America
and we can NOT help you to migrate to Brazil. If you need information about
how to migrate to Brazil Please visit their webiste at
14 Harvard Ave 2nd
Allston, MA U.S. 02134
The Brazilian Worker Center is a 501C(3) Non-Profit that is grateful for every donation we receive.
No donation is too small! All are appreciated!

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