Empowering our community starts with us!

Empowering our community starts with us!

As part of our commitment to taking care of our immigrant worker community, the BWC understands that the empowerment of immigrant workers starts with us. For this reason, our Executive Director, Lenita Reason, has invited professionals from our community to administer two very important capacity training for our BWC staff: Know Your Rights led by Thomas Smith and his legal team and Social Media Training for NGOs led by digital marketing expert, Alexandre Simōes. 

In the Know Your Rights workshop, our team had the opportunity to expand our knowledge associated with Workers Rights in MA and relevant information about wages and benefits as per MA legal requirements. Participating in this type of training was and is essential to maintaining our team informed about changes in legislation that may affect immigrant workers and keep our team ready to attend to the needs of our community. 

At the BWC, we know that it is important that we have a strong social media presence to best represent the services we provide as well as the impact of our work in the community. Therefore, capacitating our BWC team is imperative to accomplish this goal. We are proud to have received Social Media training on March 12th, 2022, which provided us with invaluable information about how to create intentional targeted posting that is relevant to our audience and contributes to disseminating information about our organization. 

By having our team engage in regular capacity training, the BWC will be able to return this knowledge to the community and continue to honor our mission: to capacitate immigrant workers to learn about workplace rights, immigration and health equity and empower immigrants with knowledge and skills to promote economic, social, political, and racial justice for all. 

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