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We are Currently Looking for Members and Supporters!

We are Currently Looking for Members and Supporters
March 1st 2012

Become a Member and Help us to Make History in the State of Massachusetts by Advancing Labor Rights for Domestic Workers

We are writing to ask for your support for current Massachusetts organizing efforts in the campaign to achieve a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for our state.  New York State passed the historic first such law in 2010, and California is about to do so.  Through our current campaign, we hope Massachusetts will be the third state in the nation to bring domestic workers under full protection of state labor laws, and thus correct the discrimination against domestic workers, historically mostly women of color, that dates from the days of U.S. slavery and Jim Crow.  

The Brazilian Immigrant Center has been engaged in this organizing work since mid-2010 and has formed a broader Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers with other sister organizations, such as the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD), Massachusetts Alliance of Professional Nannies, Matahari, the Vida Verde Housecleaners Cooperative, and the Dominican Development Center.  We and our coalition are coordinating closely with the National Domestic Workers Alliance in fighting for dignity and respect for domestic workers, today mostly immigrant women of color, including many in our own Brazilian community, but extending across widely ranging ethnic groups in the state.  Our recent survey of Massachusetts domestic workers, for example, was completed in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Haitian Kreyol, Chinese, and Tagalog.

The current 2012 year will see some significant steps in organizing for the statewide campaign.  In April domestic workers from throughout Massachusetts will join together in Boston for a Domestic Worker Congress, to define key workplace rights issues and to set priorities for the drafting of legislation for the new Bill of Rights.  We plan on building broad support from labor, immigrant, women’s and workers’ organizations during the year, and to seek broad funding that will support each organizing group’s efforts. This year we also will seek to gain sponsors from Massachusetts Senators and Representatives, in preparation for submitting a bill in January 2013 for consideration in next year’s legislative session.

At this stage of the campaign organizing, it is important for us to expand our coalition, and to build a base of support across the state.  We welcome your engagement with this compelling initiative.  There are many ways that you can participate in the Coalition:  

1) You can be a full member committed to organizing within your own community, and attending monthly Coalition meetings;
2) You can be an active supporter on record as endorsing the initiative, and attend monthly coalition meetings;  
3) You can go on record as a supporter by lending your group’s name to statements promoting the initiative, and perhaps play a part in lobbying legislators, or attending legislative hearings;
4) You can simply go on record as supporting the initiative, and agree to forward the coalition’s mailings within your own communication networks.

Please reply to Natalicia Tracy, at, or to Marcia at to let us know the level of participation your can offer in this exciting campaign.  I look forward to talking through the options with you, and to working together in the coming year.

I am looking forward to working to together!

Natalicia Tracy
Executive Director  

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