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Domestic Workers Demand Wages Owed by Belmont Millionaire

Domestic Workers Demand Wages Owed by Belmont Millionaire

Domestic Workers Demand Wages Owed by Belmont Millionaire

Belmont— Domestic workers and workers' rights advocates will be holding a protest in the center of Belmont on May 22, 2012, calling on John aka "Jack" Cranney, independent distributor of  Shaklee Corporation products  to pay the workers the back wages they are owed. These five workers allege that Cranney, a Belmont resident and millionaire, has refused to pay for the house work and home care they provided for him and his wife.

After attempting to talk with Mr. Cranney, the workers ended up filing suit. The court hearing will be May 24, 2012. All of the workers are standing together to support each others claims of wage theft. A total of five workers are seeking wages. Four are being represented by the Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic, and another worker just came forward with the hopes of filing suit.

"We worked really hard, I missed Christmas with my family to work for him and I just want to get paid." N. Cabral

"We have sent three letters to Mr. Cranney, asking for him to pay these workers for their hard work, yet we have received no response. We are shocked at his blatant disregard for U.S. labor laws and for their rights of these women who spent hours working in his home," said Natalicia Tracy, Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center.

"It is deplorable that a man of such great wealth like Mr. Cranney would refuse to pay his workers." said Russ Davis, Executive Director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice. "The average amount owed to each worker is about $3,000. Mr. Cranney's house alone has a worth of $3.8 million, so we are confident that he has the resources to pay his workers.

Please join Brazilian Immigrant Center, Jobs with Justice, WILD, Matahari and the Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers as we


When: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 1:00pm!

Where: Belmont Town Hall, 455 Concord Ave, Belmont

Contact: Lydia Edwards at or 617 783 8001 ext. 113

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