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Workers rights in Massachusetts that includes domestic workers.  

Workers rights in Massachusetts that includes domestic workers nbsp

Massachusetts Current Labor Rights that Include Protection of Domestic Workers
  1. You have the right to get paid every week or every other week.
  2. The state Minimum is  $8.00 an hour and if over 40 hours in one week, you must get paid overtime.
  3. All employers including homeowners have to keep a record of the hours of their employees.
  4. If you work more than 16 hours in someone’s home, you have the right to Workers Compensation.  
  5. No one has the right to touch you sexually or make you feel uncomfortable.
  6. If you are a live-in worker, your employer must provide adequate, decent and sanitary lodging, including heat, potable water, and light and can only deduct a maximum of $35.00 a week from your salary!
  7. If you are a live-in worker, your employer can ONLY deduct meal costs with your WRITTEN permission, and the maximum is $1.50 for Breakfast, $2.25 for Lunch, and $2.25 for dinner.
  8. Housecleaners, if they are required to travel in between homes for cleaning, are still on the clock and must be paid for the driving time.
  9. An employer cannot fire you, refuse to hire you or pay you less because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or because you’re pregnant.

New Labor Rights Under the Mass New Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

  1. The right to file discrimination and sexual harassment complaints with the MCAD
  2. Pay for All Time Worked: all time DW is required to be on employer’s premises or on duty
  3. Guaranteed at least 24 hours of rest a week (unpaid)
  4. Food/Lodging: DWs do not have to pay except under certain circumstances
  5. Privacy: Employer cannot enter DW’s living quarters without consent (emergency only), and cannot monitor their private communications (mail, telephone)
  1. Protection Against Trafficking: can’t be exploited or have your immigration documents taken away
  2. Notice of Rights: Must be given notice of all workplace rights
  3. Written Employment Contract: Negotiated at the start of the job if DW works more than 16 hours a week, including working hours, rate of pay, overtime provisions,  benefits,
  1. Terminated live-in DW’s must have at least 2 weeks notice before being evicted from their homes.

updated: 5 years ago