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SH Five Hour Fall Protection Training

SH Five Hour Fall Protection Training
Worker’s Rights Project and a New Cycle of OSHA Safety Training: Our workers' rights project is BIC’s core program and is the foundation for all the initiatives, activities, educational sessions, and training that take place at BIC. The services that we offer are all linked to bringing workers to the Center, where we can support them not only in solving their workplace problems, but also in assisting them in gaining knowledge about their rights and how to defend them.

In October 2011 and 2012 BIC received federal support from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to train Brazilian and Latino construction workers in safety rules to prevent falls, through courses offered both in Portuguese and in Spanish at BIC and in other community locations throughout the region. Since then, the BIC has trained 1,192 workers in fall protection for residential construction.

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