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Brazilian Immigrant Center Case Against Upper Crust Results in $341,000.00 Fine; DOL Continues to Investigate Violations

The US Department of Labor is investigating new allegations of wage law violations at the Upper Crust pizzeria chain, according to several people involved in the inquiry.

The federal investigation comes after the agency last year ordered Upper Crust LLC to pay more than $341,000 to about 121 workers for uncompensated overtime, following complaints from employees. ...

Lydia Edwards, a volunteer attorney at the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Brighton, said the office has referred at least five current and former Upper Crust employees to the US Department of Labor to aid in its investigation.

"This is an unfortunate situation that many immigrant workers and workers in general have to face to get paid a decent wage," Edwards said. "It also demonstrates that even in situations when you are willing to work with an employer, some employers insist on exploiting their workers."

updated: 6 years ago