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Brazilians and Art for Haiti

Brazilians and Art for Haiti
A group of Brazilians, all friends, who have an organizations named Step up for Social Change will realize their dreams.  We are able to say that this is a collective dream to promote the well being of children that live in a far away country. We are referring to Haiti which suffered an earthquake in January of 2010.  This left number victims and innumerable child victims.  Going back to the dream of this group of friends, they wanted to help children that are orphaned in special way though an art exhibit with photos, paintings and a musical concert to raise money to be sent to Haiti to buy essentials, bedding to help relieve some of the suffering.
Pastor Todo Julian, responsible for the orphanage Aux Enfants located in the city Saint George in Haiti, was in Boston looking for help for the children.  The orphanage is in a region that was not affected by the quake, however, they came to the institution where she had a number of children. Mr. Julian found himself in the situation they could not refuse them shelter, then came to our community looking for aid. The excess number of children are staying at home because the building of the orphanage does not have adequate structure which such beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows etc.
The Step Up for Social Change will be holding the event Art for Haiti on October 23, 2010, Saturday from 16:00 to 22:00 at UMass Boston in space named Ryan Lounge. The community is welcome to enjoy the exhibits and purchase them at affordable prices and honor the singers and musicians with their instruments in their own styles. The event is open to our community and all who wish to work together to raise funds with the beautiful purpose of helping children in the orphanage.

The Brazilian Immigrant Center supports the event and offers phone 617-783-8001 extension 107 and www.braziliancenter.org site for more information  call 617-458 1640 Sonia Pereira, Luciana 617-909-3783, or Carmen Nicoli Marta Ferreira 857-247-2774 and 617-803-5961.

updated: 6 years ago