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ESOL Classes start on March 12, 2012

ESOL Classes start on March 12 2012
BIC ESOL for Social Justice: The curriculum reflects our central mission as a workers’ center, and our ESOL program has always been an extension of our workers' rights program. ESOL is an important tool in helping workers to learn their rights and in supporting them in gaining voice to speak for themselves, to engage with their communities on a civic level, and to organize and solve both workplace and community problems they encounter as immigrants. An important component of this course will be to produce skits where students can create an environment where they are having fun as they are learning, especially given that the students are attending class after a long day at work. Each ESOL course will have at least one field trip, such as a museum, business or manufacturing tour, with the teacher as a guide interpreting the site for English language learners.

updated: 6 years ago