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Immigration Reform! The Time is Now!!

Immigration Reform The Time is Now
Boston, October 5th, 2013.
Today there were over 187 marches, rallies, and vigils across the U.S. calling for a common sense, broad, and inclusive immigration reform for more than 11 million people, who live, work, and worship in this country. Many have been here for decades, and have American born children, yet they live in the shadows.  Everyday 1100 immigrants are being deported. The majority of them do not have a criminal history. The only crime they committed was to want a better life for their families.

We are a nation of immigrants, most us anyway. Like the immigrants that came before us, we too deserve respect dignity and the right to pursue happiness. Our immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed now. How can a country that has its core values rooted in strong family values, justice everyday destroying the families of many US citizen children by deporting their parents?

updated: 5 years ago