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Domestic Workers: The Invisible Wheels That Power Our Economy

Domestic Workers The Invisible Wheels That Power Our Economy
Photo Exhibition and Reception

July 8th, 6:00 pm
Plymouth Public Library

132 South St.
Plymouth, MA 02360

Celebrate one of the biggest victories for domestic workers ever! Join us for an exhibit of striking black and white photos of local domestic workers. Enjoy refreshments and hear more about the passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in Massachusetts!

The exhibit will feature 20 beautiful portraits by renowned Cambridge photographer Mario Quiroz. It is a celebration of the latent human potential of domestic workers. They are the people who spend their days taking care of our homes and loved ones, the people whose work makes all other kinds of work possible. The exhibition is the artistic component of the Brazilian Immigrant Center’s effort to bring visibility to the recent passage of the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights in Massachusetts.

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The exhibit has been traveling a year throughout the public libraries of Massachusetts towns and cities, and Plymouth is its 11th stop. On July 8th, we will also celebrate International Domestic Workers Day, which happened all over the world on June 16th!

Domestic workers are the women and men who make all other kinds of work possible. By caring for our most precious possessions -- our homes, children, elderly, and ill family members -- they give us peace of mind. They have long been denied even the most basic labor rights established for others in the legislation of the 1930s. With the passage of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, everything is changing. Come support domestic workers in their fight for equality, and celebrate this big battle won!

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