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Domestic Worker Action Gets  Results!

Domestic Worker Action!

The Brazilian Immigrant Center (BIC) would like to thank Jobs with Justice, Matahari, WILD, the Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers, and one Walmart worker from Tennessee.  Together 16 people stood out in the rain last Tuesday in Belmont in support of a group of domestic workers that were fighting for their wages. The workers led the charge down the streets of Belmont to places their former employer frequents.  The workers walked into salons, restaurants, and stores to let the owners know that for months while they drove their ex-employer to get his hair done or out to fancy meals, they were not getting paid one cent. "We don't believe this action was lost on the employer one bit. Workers standing together are very powerful,” said Natalicia Tracy, Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center.  "I couldn't believe it, I felt so alive. People told me it wouldn't make a difference but it made difference to me. There were Americans, Asians, people of all colors standing with me. I have never felt so strong in my life," said R. Santos, one of the unpaid workers.  Two days later, on Thursday May 24, 2012, the workers met their employer in court. BIC’s Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic represented the workers and was able to settle the matter without a trial, to the extreme satisfaction of the workers.  "We firmly believe that the action only two days before certainly helped the employer to reconsider a quick resolution,” said Attorney Lydia Edwards, Director of the Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic.  Since September 2011, the Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic's representation of domestic workers in cases of wage theft has resulted in over $55,000.00 in judgments or settlements for workers.

updated: 6 years ago