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Since  2009, the Brazilian Immigrant Center along with its partnership with the Deparment of Labor Wage and Hour Division in Boston has helped recoup over $1.9millions for the Brazillian immigrant worker community.

The Brazilian Immigrant Center (BIC) has provided a number of valid complaint referrals to the Boston
District Office. It should be noted that since 2009, the Boston District Office has collected
$1 ,002,025.l0 due 350 employees from 14 referrals related to minimum and overtime violations under
FLSA. The results include the following:

- Back wages of $341,545.53 due to 121 employees from The Upper Crust (Boston, MA).

- Back wages of $41,669.59 due to 39 employees from Boston Chowda Cafe' (Lowell, MA).

- Back wages of $23,234.47 due to 10 employees from Main Street Bar & Grill (South Weymouth,MA).

- Back wages of $9,009.02 due to 30 employees from New England States Transport (Canton,MA).

- Back wages of $58,609.94 dueto 20 employees from Maguire’s Bar & Grill (North Easton, MA).

- Back wages of $34,491.78 due to 9 employees from Paesan’s (Winthrop, MA).

- Back wages of $2,016.00 due to 1 employee from L Street Diner and Pizzeria (Boston, MA).

-  Back wages of $112,265.95 due to 34 employees from Agave Mexican Bistro (Newburyport, MA).

- Back wages of $14,593.55 due to 11 employees from Franchi Brothers Auto Body (Worcester, MA).

- Back wages of $2,459.32 due to 5 employees from Pizza, Etc. (Brighton, MA).

-  Back wages of $423.00 due to l employee from Global Design Builders (Boston, l/IA).

-  Back wages of $50.00 due to l employee from Enserv (Stoughton, MA).

-  Back Wages of $61,656.95 due to 26 employees from Central Kitchen (Cambridge, MA).

- Back wages of $125,000.00, plus $125,000.00 in liquidated damages due to 42 employees from Alpha Management Corporation (Allston, MA).

In addition, other recent referrals have resulted in the employers agreeing to pay $918,401.42 in back wages due to 250 employees. These cases have not been concluded and the employers are in the process of making these payments.

George A. Rioux, District Director

Boston District Office
Wage & Hour Division

U.S. Department of Labor

updated: 7 years ago