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25th Anniversary picture in 2020

Founded in 1995, our mission is to support workers’ struggles in the Greater Boston area around issues of workplace rights and immigration. Through organizing, advocacy, education, leadership, and capacity building, we join immigrant workers and their families in the fight against economic, social and political marginalization and in working to create a more just society.

Our value is to help to restores peoples’ sense of self-worth, respect and dignity.

We are committed to assist immigrants find their voices and access resources.

We work to foster a sense of belonging for immigrant workers in our wider US communities and nation.

We promote tolerance and acceptance of all, regardless of immigration status.

We champion the importance of joining together collectively to solve our problems as community members.

We believe that alone we go faster, but together we go farther.

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BWC partners with Boston’s 2020 Dreamers Fellowship Program  for Immigrant Youth

BWC partners with Bostonrsquos 2020 Dreamers Fellowship Program nbspfor Immigrant Youth

During three weeks of August 2020, the BWC is proud to participate in the City of Boston’s Dreamers’ Fellowship Program for immigrant youth, together with Centro Presente of East Boston, and the Caribbean Youth Club of Roxbury. The program is taking place under the sponsorship and funding of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Advancement, and City’s Office of Equity and Inclusion. All in all, 15 youth will be part of the BWC segment of the program. Each youth participant will receive a monetary stipend for their service and time in the program.

Brazilian Worker Center shares with all of us in the community great pride in the outstanding young people who are coming of age in our families, neighborhoods, schools and churches these days. We all know that as the young, rising generation in our community, they represent our hopes for a better future for all of us. They will soon be our leaders of tomorrow, and we want to give them the support they need to grow into principled civic leaders for our neighborhoods, city, and state.

The youth participants in the program you will have a number of facilitated workshops and conversations on many themes important in youth development, such as the following:

Building connections among peers, and with adults; including their relation to the community, their self-development, and planning for the future.

Work readiness, including task management, and resume building. As part of their activities, youth will also work for one day a week assisting at the BWC food pantry, and also doing work to promote the US Census 2020.

Life Skills and Leadership – this part of the program will focus on skills in taking leadership in the community; maintaining mental and physical health, and healthy life habits

Self-Care: Mental, emotional, spiritual; healing and trauma

Conflict Resolution: Personal & professional communication and conflict resolution strategies

Understanding and Building Solidarity across Ethnic and Racial Lines: Colorism/anti-Blackness; systemic racism; personal bias; anti-immigrant bias; systemic racism; and how to work to combat and get beyond these barriers

Workers’ rights and immigrant rights and their importance for our community

Advocacy: How to get what you need; and, advocacy for your family and community

Civic engagement: leadership and organizing; public speaking, storytelling, putting tools into action

Dr. Natalicia Tracy, Executive Director of the Brazilian Worker Center, explained that, “We at the BWC are honored to work with our esteemed allies, Centro Presente and the Caribbean Youth Club, and my sisters in the struggle, Patricia Montes and Nickey Mais-Nesbeth, in recognizing the importance of immigrant youth and their contributions to our Boston communities today.

We appreciate so much the foresightedness of the City of Boston in understanding the importance of investing in our immigrant youth, and fostering their skills as our city’s leaders of the future. We hope that this summer’s program is only the first of many such initiatives to come that advance the development of our beloved youth throughout Boston's neighborhoods.”

On some days, BWC Dreamer Fellows will also have some joint activities – via Zoom – with other youth doing the summer programs at Centro Presente and the Caribbean Youth Club. The Dreamers Fellowship program at BWC will be managed by Communications Director Fabiano Latham, and Sunday Hull , with contributions by Executive Director Natalicia Tracy and volunteers from the Board of Directors.

The Brazilian Worker Center is a non-profit organization that receives no financial support from the Brazilian or American governments. Our mission is to support immigrant workers, with legal support regarding Immigrant Rights, Worker’s Rights, Discrimination, etc. For more information, call: 617-783-8001, email or visit


Centro do Trabalhador Brasileiro é parceiro do Boston 2020 Dreamers Fellowship Program para Jovens Imigrantes Durante três semanas de agosto de 2020, o Centro do Trabalhador Brasileiro (CTB) tem o orgulho de participar do Boston 2020 Dreamers Fellowship Program para Jovens Imigrantes, juntamente com o Centro Presente de East Boston e o Caribbean Youth Club de Roxbury. O programa está ocorrendo sob o patrocínio e financiamento do Gabinete de Promoção do Imigrante do Prefeito e do Gabinete de Equidade e Inclusão da Cidade. Ao todo, 15 jovens estão fazendo parte do grupo coordenado pelo Centro do Trabalhador Brasileiro. Cada jovem participante receberá uma bolsa em dinheiro por seus serviços e tempo no programa. O CTB compartilha com todos da comunidade o grande orgulho de ter atualmente jovens excepcionais que estão crescendo em nossas famílias, bairros, escolas e igrejas. Todos sabemos que, como geração jovem em ascensão em nossa comunidade, eles representam nossas esperanças de um futuro melhor para todos. Em breve, eles serão nossos líderes de amanhã e queremos dar a eles o apoio de que precisam para se tornarem líderes cívicos de princípios em nossos bairros, cidade e estado. Os jovens participantes do programa terão uma série de workshops e conversas facilitadas sobre muitos temas importantes no desenvolvimento da juventude, como os seguintes: aa

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Food for All in Solidarity

Food for All in Solidarity

FOOD FOR ALL IN SOLIDARITY: Since April 2020 the Brazilian Worker Center has attended 350-900 families each week, with 95,000 people overall benefitting as part of our emergency Covid-19 Pandemic efforts

The BWC’s Food Distribution campaign was the highlight of 2020, benefiting over 95,000 people, and helping the community to alleviate the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. Fulfilling its mission to support the immigrant community, the Brazilian Worker Center (BWC) spared no effort throughout the year 2020 to help families impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. When the pandemic was followed by business shutdowns that caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, the BWC directed its activities to create a campaign to distribute food and offer financial aid for emergency family needs. Begun in early April 2020, the “Food for All in Solidarity” campaign has been growing and helping more people every week.

Most of our funding has come from the Boston Resiliency Fund, under the City of Boston, but throughout the campaign, the Center has also received a variety of funds and private donations that have made it possible to maintain food distribution uninterrupted each week since April. During this time, basic food baskets with rice, beans, oil, pasta, tomato sauce, coffee, and milk were distributed, along with produce boxes with vegetables, legumes, dairy products, meat and bread. Thousands of diapers and hundreds of gift cards were also distributed to families with young children. Personal hygiene items, masks and gel alcohol were also part of the kits distributed over the months. In addition to food, the BWC made financial donations for emergencies with rent and essential bills such as telephone, prescription medications, and household expenses like electricity.

The BWC has also reached out through its “Food for All in Solidarity” project to several partner entities that weekly sought donations of food to distribute within their own communities. Churches, schools and organizations like MAPS (Massachusetts Alliance for Portuguese Speakers), NECC (New England Community Center), Brazilian Women’s Group, the nearby Gardner Pilot Academy public school, and McNamara House senior housing, have all benefited from BWC resources. According to Executive Director Dr. Natalícia Tracy, the Center has worked especially hard to help those who are undocumented and not eligible to receive any governmental assistance such as unemployment benefits. The work has involved dozens of volunteers, staff, and members of the board, with the aim of serving as best as possible everyone who seeks help. The effective operation of the Wednesday food distribution operation each week has demonstrated the great unity, solidarity, and effort that everyone has brought to this important humanitarian cause.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS: Massachusetts AFL-CIO – the Barr Foundation - Boston Area Gleaners - Boston College – the Boston Foundation - Brighton Marine - Boston Resiliency Fund (Boston City Hall) – AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades Council (Brian Doherty) - David Outerbridge - Encore Realty - Fair Foods - Greater Boston Labor Council – The Lenny Zakim Fund – The Haymarket People’s Fund – The Greater Boston Food Bank and the ongoing support of the Mass Immigrant Collaborative.

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Thank you for supporting Driver's Licenses for Immigrants!

Let's Make Massachusetts the 17Th State!

Thank you for supporting Driver039s Licenses for Immigrants

Wednesday June 23, 2021 was a day full of excitement, and emotions ran high as some of us waited to testify before the Honorable Members of the Massachusetts Legislature’s Transportation Committee in support of the “Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility During and Subsequent to the COVID-19 Emergency,” Bill numbers S.2289 and H.3456. This bill would enable all qualified state residents to apply for a standard Massachusetts driver’s license, regardless of immigrant status, while keeping our Commonwealth in full compliance with REAL ID requirements. Sixteen other states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have all passed legislation such as our proposal, and 9 other states – 10 if you include Massachusetts – are currently considering legislation like ours.

The virtual "Watch Party" led by the Driving Families Forward Coalition created a great space for community across the state to join together online and show support to one another as we anxiously sat through the long hearing. In my years as an advocate for Brazilian immigrants, I have seen how the denial of driver’s licenses has affected so many men, women and children. And I’ve seen how the impact of this denial was multiplied by the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit immigrant communities so hard. More and more in America, everyone realizes that tested, insured drivers make the roads safer for everyone, for families as well as the wider community.

Massachusetts is home to a very diverse group of foreign-born immigrant people from all regions of the world, many of whom have lived here for decades – 1.2 million people in all! Just recently, they contributed 8.8 billion dollars to the Massachusetts economy. Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts children born here as US citizens have immigrant parents, many living in “mixed status” families. These mothers and fathers need to drive to work, to pick up prescriptions for the family at the pharmacy, to worship in their faith communities, and take their children to school and to doctor’s appointments. These immigrants are part of the fabric of our communities – socially, economically, and culturally. They are not separate from the rest of us….except in their lack of freedom to drive.

The range of supporters testifying at the hearing about the need for this bill to be passed was truly impressive, and hopeful for everyone watching and listening. Our campaign received support from the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey; the Mayor of Boston, Kim Janey; the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston; the AFL-CIO, including the Boston Teachers Union and other labor groups; businessman and philanthropist Larry Fish; law enforcement including the Massachusetts Major Cities Chiefs of Police and the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association; many immigrant-serving organizations, such as the BWC, La Collaborativa, and MassCOSH; and many people from the community, like the Medeiros family with their two US-born children. Many others submitted written testimony for the Transportation Committee to consider.

In the coming days and weeks, we are counting on your ongoing support to take this bill to the finish line. It will impact the lives of thousands of immigrant working families. There are several ways you can support this effort, especially financially! If you would like to make a financial contribution please donate through the link on our website, and write in the memo: WFMA; or please email us at: We are a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity (no. 04-3273525), and your donation is fully tax-deductible.

The Driving Families Forward Coalition is an impressive and rapidly growing collection of over 240 participating organizations, co-chaired by Natalicia Tracy, PhD,, and by Dalida Rocha, Political Director at District 615,


Quarta-feira, 23 de Junho de 2021 foi um dia de muita empolgação e as emoções aumentaram enquanto alguns de nós esperávamos para testemunhar perante os Honoráveis ​​Membros do Comitê de Transporte da Legislatura de Massachusetts em apoio à “Lei Relativa ao Trabalho e Mobilidade Familiar. Durante e Subsequente à Emergência COVID-19, ”projeto número S.2289 e H.3456. Este projeto de lei permitiria que todos os residentes qualificados do estado se candidatassem a uma carteira de motorista padrão de Massachusetts, independentemente do status de imigratório, ao mesmo tempo em que manteria nossa Comunidade em total conformidade com os requisitos do “REAL ID”. Dezesseis outros estados, como Distrito de Columbia e Porto Rico aprovaram legislação como a nossa proposta, e 9 outros estados - 10 se você incluir Massachusetts - estão atualmente considerando uma legislação como a nossa.

A "Watch Party" virtual liderada pela Driving Families Forward Coalition criou um grande espaço para a comunidade em todo o estado se unir online e mostrar apoio uns aos outros enquanto estávamos ansiosos durante a longa audiência. Em meus anos como defensora dos imigrantes brasileiros, vi como a negação da carteira de motorista afetou tantos homens, mulheres e crianças. E eu vi como o impacto dessa negação foi multiplicada pela pandemia Covid-19, que atingiu as comunidades de imigrantes com tanta força. Cada vez mais na América, todos percebem que motoristas testados e segurados tornam as estradas mais seguras para todos, para as famílias e também para a comunidade em geral.

Massachusetts é o lar de um grupo muito diverso de imigrantes nascidos no exterior de todas as regiões do mundo, muitos dos quais vivem aqui há décadas - 1,2 milhão de pessoas ao todo! Recentemente, eles contribuíram com 8,8 bilhões de dólares para a economia de Massachusetts. Centenas de milhares de crianças de Massachusetts nascidas aqui como cidadãos americanos têm pais imigrantes, muitos vivendo em famílias de “status misto”. Essas mães e pais precisam dirigir para o trabalho, pegar medicação para a família na farmácia, adorar em suas comunidades de fé e levar seus filhos à escola e às consultas médicas. Esses imigrantes fazem parte da estrutura de nossas comunidades - social, econômica e culturalmente. Eles não estão separados do resto de nós ... exceto por sua falta de liberdade para dirigir.

O número de apoiadores que testemunharam na audiência sobre a necessidade de aprovação desse projeto foi realmente impressionante e esperançoso para todos que assistiram e ouviram. Nossa campanha recebeu apoio da Procuradora Geral de Massachusetts, Maura Healey; da prefeita de Boston, Kim Janey; a Arquidiocese Católica de Boston; a AFL-CIO, incluindo o Boston Teachers Union e outros grupos trabalhistas; o empresário e filantropo Larry Fish; aplicação da lei, incluindo os Chefes de Polícia das Grandes Cidades de Massachusetts e a Associação de xerifes de Massachusetts; muitas organizações que atendem a imigrantes, como BWC, La Collaborativa e MassCOSH; e muita gente da comunidade, como a família Medeiros com seus dois filhos nascidos nos Estados Unidos. Muitos outros enviaram depoimentos por escrito para consideração do Comitê de Transporte.

Nos próximos dias e semanas, contamos com seu apoio contínuo para levar este projeto de lei até a linha de chegada. Isso afetará a vida de milhares de famílias trabalhadoras imigrantes. Existem várias maneiras de apoiar esse esforço, especialmente financeiramente! Caso queira fazer uma contribuição financeira, doe através do link em nosso site e escreva no memorando: WFMA; ou envie um email para: Somos uma instituição de caridade sem fins lucrativos 501 (c) (3) reconhecida (no. 04-3273525) e sua doação é totalmente dedutível nos impostos.

The Driving Families Forward Coalition é uma coalizão impressionante e de rápido crescimento de mais de 240 organizações participantes, co-presidida por Natalicia Tracy, PhD,, e por Dalida Rocha, Diretora Política no Distrito 615,

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