Family Welcome Center

The Brazilian Worker Center (BWC) is currently engaged in a pilot project in partnership with the State of Massachusetts to provide support to newly arrived immigrants in the United States. As part of this initiative, the BWC has been designated as the Welcome Center for these immigrant families.


A significant number of families arriving in the state, particularly those from Haiti, have been seeking assistance and guidance upon their arrival. The BWC is dedicated to serving as a central point of entry for these families, connecting them with essential resources, services, and transportation to ensure a safe and secure transition.


Through the implementation of this project, the BWC aims to provide comprehensive support during the initial stages of settlement. In just a span of three days, from June 23rd to 25th, the BWC has already provided assistance to 87 individuals, including both adults and children.

Recognizing the challenges faced by newly arrived immigrants in accessing their basic needs, the BWC is committed to offering a wide range of support services. The focus is on helping these families secure housing support rather than medical treatment. Factors such as rising housing costs and delays in federal work authorizations have further compounded the need for alternative solutions.


In collaboration with the State of Massachusetts, the BWC has been actively working to assist more than 50 newly arrived migrant families. These families receive essential items and provisions through the emergency room of the Boston Medical Center and nearby hotels. The BWC continues to expand and enhance these services, ensuring that newly arrived immigrants can directly seek assistance at our center instead of relying on emergency rooms.

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