Award and Accomplishments

The Brazilian Worker Center is proud to have been recognized over the years for our excellence and commitment to improving the lives and working conditions of our immigrant worker communities in the Greater Boston area. We are grateful for the many accomplishments we achieved and awards we received. Below are some of the recognitions awarded to our organization:

The American Federation of Labor and Congress industrial Organizations

The American Federation of Labor and Congress industrial Organizations grants this Certificate of Affiliation to the Brazilian Immigrant Center. In order to build unity and strengthen our organization’s ability to promote and enforce the rights of working people, this Certificate of Affiliation authorizes the Brazilian Immigrant Center to affiliate with the Greater Boston Labor Council, with such rights and privileges as established by the AFL-CIO Executive Council and the AFL-CIO President. 

United States Census 2020

United States Census 2020. The U.S. Census Bureau Hereby recognizes Brazilian Worker Center as an invaluable member of the 2020 Census Community Partnership and Engagement Program. We appreciate the efforts you made in making the Partnership Program a success and helping achieve a successful 2020 Census.

City of Lynn

City of Lynn: Official Citation of the Mayor’s Office, May 4th 2018.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate

Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate. Official Citation be it known, that the Massachusetts Senate hereby extends its congratulations to: Brazilian Immigrant Center. In recognition of your dedicated service to the Brazilian community; and be it further known that the Massachusetts Senate extends best wishes for continued success; that this Citation be duly signed by the President of the Senate and attested to and a copy thereof transmitted by the Clerk of the Senate. May 9th, 2015.

Certificate of Recognition.

Certificate of Recognition. Presented to Brazilian Immigrant Center – April 12, 2013 in honor of your outstanding contribution and service to the Brazilian Community. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Empo de Vitoria. A Semana: The Brazilian Newspaper. 

The Best of 2011

The Best of 2011, Brazilian Magazine – Best non-profit community organization. Readers’ Choice Brazilian Immigrant Center. The Best 2011.

The U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau hereby recognizes Brazilian Immigrant Center as a valued partner and offers appreciation for your support in raising awareness of and inspiring participation in the 2010 Census. Your efforts to help achieve a complete and accurate census count have made a lasting impact on the nation.

Annual Reports

We are very excited to present the work and impact that our services have on our community and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our donors and partnering organizations. Check out our Annual Reports below to learn more about the Brazilian Worker Center.

We will be launching our 1st Annual Report in January 2023. Stay tuned!

Press Coverage

We are so proud of all the work that our organization and leadership has implemented throughout the years! Check out below the most recent press coverage about our organization and the impact of our work.

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